100 MPH Crash Kills Couple

download (27)Every holiday season, we see a rise in the number of arrests for DUI.  Highway patrol and municipal police are always on the lookout for drunk drivers, but they are especially vigilant during the holidays.  We’re experts at defending people who have been charged with DUI, but there are some cases which are especially difficult because of the situation involved.

Let’s take a look at a case that involved a Pittsburgh couple driving in Florida.  A man and wife were in Florida visiting friends in St. Petersburg over the Thanksgiving weekend when a man driving an SUV hit their vehicle going over 100 miles an hour.  Once caught, police found that the man didn’t have a license and that his blood alcohol content was nearly double the legal limit  The Pittsburgh couple died at the scene.

“Don’t drink and drive.  It doesn’t just affect them (the people in the crash), it affects millions of people.  It affects whole families.”  This coming from the family of the people who were killed over Thanksgiving.  The Pennsylvania DUI lawyers at Kellis Law agree with that message – drinking and driving does affect entire families.

The news of this accident hit the family harder than most, as alcohol has been a factor in many troublesome events that have happened with the family.  “For him to lose his life so tragically because of this, is so senseless.”