Stay Safe This Memorial Day Weekend

american flag waving in the wind

Memorial Day weekend is the start of the summer season, even though summer doesn’t officially start for a few more weeks. According to the National Safety Council, the weekend can be a deadly one for those on the road. Using statistics, members of the Council estimate that there will be 40,000 injuries and over 380 deaths over the weekend. You can do your part by making sure that you, your friends and family are practicing safety.


For some, alcohol is a part of barbecues and other cookouts. If you are of legal age, there is nothing wrong with consuming a beverage or two. The problem stems from overconsumption. It is also risky to combine alcohol and other activities such as grilling, swimming and driving.

Do not consume alcohol in excess. This is especially true if you are going to be outdoors in the sun. The sun and heat will exacerbate the effects of alcohol and you will dehydrate more quickly. If you are partying outdoors, follow each alcoholic beverage with a glass or bottle of water. Be sure to eat small amounts frequently as well. Both of these things will help to ensure that you don’t become overly intoxicated without realizing it.

Drinking and Driving

It stands to reason that if you drive to a cookout, you are planning on driving back home. If this is the case, avoid becoming intoxicated and then getting behind the wheel. Stop drinking at least two hours before you know you will be leaving the party.

If you choose to drink to the point you can’t drive, arrange to either stay overnight at the location of the cookout or find a sober ride home. If there is no friend or family that can take you home, a ride sharing company like Uber or Lyft could be the answer. You could also take a taxi or public transportation if it’s available.

Watch for Drunk Drivers

Choosing not to drink and drive doesn’t mean you are out of danger. Others on the road might not have made the same decision. Keep your eyes open for drivers who are weaving in and out of traffic, appear to have difficulty maintaining their lane or are otherwise driving recklessly. If you notice any of these things, keep your distance. It can also be a good idea to dial emergency services if you see someone operating their vehicle erratically. Not only will you be keeping yourself safe, but you may save someone’s life.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with kicking off the season the right way. You only have to do so with your safety and that of others in mind. If you plan on drinking, do so wisely. If you plan on driving, keep the alcohol to a minimum or forego it altogether.

If you happen to be arrested for driving under the influence in Philadelphia this Memorial Day weekend or at any other time of year, our team is here to help you. Call our office to schedule your appointment for a free case evaluation.