Pennsylvania DUI Exhibition of Speed

A Pennsylvania DUI can result in severe penalties, from fines to a license suspension. If the prosecutor’s case against you is weak, however, you may have the option of having your DUI charge reduced to an exhibition of speed, which is a summary offense. This can be accomplished through a negotiated plea bargain by your DUI defense attorney. At the Law Offices of Steven Kellis, you can work with a seasoned attorney who has handled all aspects and phases of Pennsylvania DUI-related matters, from negotiating plea bargains to conducting jury trials in the courtroom. Attorney Steven Kellis is a 20-year veteran of Pennsylvania DUI and a former DUI state prosecutor who thoroughly understands how the other side operates regarding negotiations, the development of cases, and courtroom procedure.

Mr. Kellis has been nationally ranked as a “Superior” DUI Attorney for 2013 by the National Advocacy for DUI Defense LLC, which finds and identifies those attorneys in every state who devote a significant portion of their practice to this field. Mr. Kellis devotes his practice exclusively to DUI defense, which means your case will be addressed by a legal professional who spends all his time handling its varying and complex intricacies. Mr. Kellis has also been recognized as a Top 100 Trial Lawyer by the National Trial Lawyers Association and “10 Best” for 2014 by the American Institute of DUI / DWI Attorneys.

Exhibition of Speed as a Summary Offense

Only in certain circumstances is it possible to get a DUI reduced to an exhibition of speed summary offense. This may be accomplished only if your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) does not exceed the legal limit of .08 percent. By bringing your case to an experienced DUI defense attorney like Mr. Kellis, you can analyze the facts and circumstances surrounding your arrest to determine the strengths and weaknesses of the prosecutor’s evidence and position. Should it be determined that the case against you is lacking, your attorney can move forward with negotiations for reduced charges.

What Are PA Speeding Penalties?

Reducing your DUI case to a speeding violation will mean you will avoid all of the severe DUI penalties. An exhibition of speed violation typically only involves a fine, which can range from $50 to $500, depending on your location in the state. Other penalties that may be incurred can include probation, jail time, or a license suspension. Still, these penalties generally only occur when the driver seriously endangered the safety of others.

Speeding laws in Pennsylvania are covered under various sections of Title 75, which list the penalties for exceeding posted speed limits.

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