Philadelphia County Extreme DUI

States are generally becoming less tolerant of drunk driving, as a large percentage of auto accident fatalities result from DUIs. Therefore, those charged with extreme or enhanced DUI suffer harsher penalties than those charged with regular DUIs.

Pennsylvania DUI laws are very specific, and a DUI conviction is broken down into three levels of intoxication:

  • First level of intoxication – BAC of 0.08-0.99
  • Second level of intoxication – BAC of .10 – .159
  • Third level of intoxication BAC of .16 and above

Pennsylvania DUI Penalties

Pennsylvania DUI laws provide different penalties for each level. Having blood alcohol level of .16 or above is known as the Enhanced Blood and Alcohol Concentration. This extreme BAC creates harsher punishments and penalties including:

  • Increased jail time
  • Higher fines
  • Mandatory driving school and alcohol counseling
  • License suspension
  • Vehicle repossession by the state

A first level DUI offense results in six months probation and a suspended license. The second level results in two days to six months in prison, a fine ranging from $500 to  $5000, and a license suspension of up to 12 months. The third level results in anywhere from three days to six months in prison, a fine ranging from $100 to $5000, a 12-month license suspension, a potential Ignition Interlock Device requirement, and mandatory driving school.

Facing Extreme DUI Charges? We Can Help

If you have been charged with extreme DUI in Philadelphia County, an experienced Pennsylvania attorney like Steven Kellis will examine the evidence and fight hard to get the charges reduced or eliminated entirely. With more than twenty years of experience defending extreme DUI cases, Mr. Kellis focuses his law practice solely on Pennsylvania DUI law. Contact the law office of Steven Kellis to schedule your free initial case evaluation today.