Lancaster County Underage DUI Lawyer

Underage DUIs are very serious business. It’s very easy to lose track of how much you’ve had to drink over the course of a night. Some people make every effort to control their drinking, but still get behind the wheel when their Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) is too high.

Police officers use many different tricks to pull over people who they suspect of drunk driving. This means that many drivers get pulled over and charged with DUIs even if they weren’t driving badly. For drivers of legal drinking age, the consequences of a DUI are bad enough. But for people under the age of 21 who receive a DUI, the consequences can be pretty shocking.

If convicted of an underage DUI in Lancaster County, a person may face the following consequences:

  •         Steep increases in their car insurance premiums or outright termination of their policies
  •         Additional charges surrounding the DUI charge
  •         Possible permanent black mark on their criminal record
  •         Up to 90 days in jail (or even 6 months in jail for 2 or more DUIs)
  •         Fines ranging from hundreds of dollars to thousands of dollars
  •         Suspension of their driver’s license

What’s worse is that it’s much easier for prosecutors to get a DUI conviction when the incident involves an underage driver than it is with drivers who are legally able to drink.

Convictions are easier to reach because the BAC requirements to charge underage drivers with DUIs are much lower. Underage drivers only need have a BAC of .02% to be convicted of a DUI, while drivers of legal drinking age (21+) must have four times as much alcohol per volume in their system (.08% or higher) to be convicted of a DUI.

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