Delaware County DUI Accidents

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, almost 30 people die every day in the United States as a result of a collision with an impaired driver. In 2013, 381 people from Pennsylvania were killed in alcohol-related crashes, and 30 traffic accidents related to alcohol occurred each day in the state.

Pennsylvania Takes DUI Charges Seriously

Because keeping the state’s roads safe is a top priority, Pennsylvania takes DUI and collisions related to driving under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol very seriously, as evidenced by sobriety checkpoints, saturation patrols, and the stiff penalties that offenders typically face. A drunk driver may be responsible for both criminal and civil liabilities connected with an accident, particularly when someone is injured or killed.

We’ll Stand Up For Your Rights

Delaware County DUI defense Attorney Steven Kellis understands the methods used by prosecutors and law enforcement personnel in DUI cases. He spent five years focused on DUI cases as a Senior Assistant District Attorney and DUI prosecutor, and now utilizes that experience to successfully defend Delaware County residents facing DUI charges. As a criminal defense attorney with a practice focused solely on Pennsylvania DUI defense, Mr. Kellis thoroughly investigates all aspects of his clients’ cases, and uses aggressive cross-examination tactics to effectively represent DUI defendants in jury trials.

Have you been charged with a DUI after being involved in an accident that produced injuries? If so, you are not facing a simple DUI charge and will need an experienced Delaware County attorney. DUI defense Attorney Steven Kellis has more than two decades of experience defending DUI accident cases and will aggressively defend your rights. Contact the law office of Steven Kellis today to schedule a free initial case evaluation.