York County Extreme DUI

More than 10 years ago, Pennsylvania revamped its DUI laws and lowered the BAC (blood alcohol content) threshold to .08. These changes were made in response to a federal law, which tied federal highway money to the states lowering their DUI thresholds to .08. Generally, the penalties for first offenders were lowered, while the penalties for repeat offenders were increased. The revised Pennsylvania DUI laws also provide for increased penalties for defendants with higher BACs than those with lower BACs.

Levels of DUI in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania divides DUI into three tiers, based upon BAC. These tiers are officially referred to as:

  • General impairment, charged when a driver’s BAC is between .08 and .10
  • High rate, charged when the driver’s BAC was between .10 and .159
  • Highest rate, charged when the BAC is over .160

If a driver refuses to take a chemical test, the DUI is charged as general impairment, but carries the same penalties as a highest rate DUI. All drug DUIs are charged as highest rate.

York County DUI

All multiple DUI offenders, and some first time offenders, have a treatment requirement in York County. Upon completion of drug and alcohol treatment, a probation officer submits a memo to the County Clerk of Courts. If the defendant has been making regular payments toward his/her financial obligation to the court or is paid in full, a representative from the Clerk of Courts submits a form to PennDot. The form submitted by the Clerk of Courts indicates the treatment requirement has been fulfilled and includes jail release information.

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