Lehigh County DUI Accidents

Driving while under the influence is a crime nobody intends to commit, and most are at risk for an arrest at some time in their lives, either because they drove after consuming alcohol or taking prescription drugs.

Pennsylvania’s DUI statute makes it illegal for an individual to drive, operate, or be in the actual physical control of a motor vehicle under any of the following conditions:

  • When they have had a sufficient amount of alcohol to render them incapable of driving safely
  • When there is any amount of an unprescribed controlled substance, including all illegal drugs, present in their blood
  • When the influence of any drug or combination of drugs, including prescription medications, makes them incapable of safe driving

Tiers of DUI

In Pennsylvania, there are three tiers, or levels, of severity of DUI, based on the amount of alcohol present in the offender’s blood:

  • Tier I, the lowest level, or general impairment, from 0.08% to 0.10% blood alcohol concentration (BAC), or even lower if it is proven that the vehicle operator was incapable of safe driving.
  • Tier II, the mid-level BAC, from 0.10% to 0.16% BAC.
  • Tier III, the highest level, with a BAC of above 0.16%, or if you have any amount an illegal drug in your system, or if you are under the influence any drug or combination of drugs, illegal or prescribed, rendering  you incapable of safe driving.

If your DUI results in an accident which causes death or injury to others, you are facing much more serious consequences than if you had been guilty of a standard DUI.

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