Bucks County Underage DUI Lawyer

If you’ve been charged with driving under the influence and you are not at least 21 years old, you need a DUI lawyer right now. Drinking in moderation can be a pleasant way to socialize, but as a society we’ve decided that certain restrictions should be put on the alcohol consumption. One restriction prohibits driving while drunk and another prohibits alcohol consumption until the age of 21.

When a person drinks and drives while underage, the justice system tends to look on their actions very unfavorably. My years of experience defending people in Bucks County against underage DUI charges has given me a lot of insight into how scary the whole experience can be for my clients. One of the worst things about underage DUIs is that it’s so easy for prosecutors to charge young people with DUIs.

Bucks County Underage DUI Standards are Very High
If you’re under the age of 21, you are not allowed to have any alcohol in your system if you are driving. It doesn’t matter if you are below the legal limit for drivers 21 and older (.08 BAC) or are not impaired. Since you cannot legally consume or purchase alcohol, you cannot legally have any alcohol in your system when you are behind the wheel of a car.

Since the presence of any alcohol in your system can lead to serious underage DUI charges, the best way to beat an underage DUI charge is to avoid one in the first place by:

  • Taking advantage of ridesharing options such as Uber or Lyft.
  • Calling a taxi.
  • Asking for a ride home from a sober friend.
  • Contacting family or friends to come pick you up.
  • Designating a sober driver for the night before you go out.
  • Sleeping wherever you have been drinking and driving home the next day after you’ve had more than enough time to completely sober up.

Get a Bucks County DUI Lawyer who can help you fight charges
If the worst does happen and you are charged with underage DUI, it is important contact a lawyer who knows DUI law and who can help you defend yourself. I’ve represented underage individuals facing DUI charges and have taken cases to trial for 20 years, and I know how to defend my clients’ rights. Contact me today through my 24-hour phone service, via email, or by using my website. It’s never too early to start building a rock solid defense that ensures you can quickly move on with your life.