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York County Courthouse Day? Just Walk To Lunch!

The city of York is happily experiencing revitalization of the downtown area, which is where you are if you have a day in court in York County. The Downtown Inc consortium, at 16 N George St., encourages and promotes the growth of new businesses to inhabit historic spaces, and that includes restaurants – which is great for them as well as you, if you are in the courthouse during weekdays, and feel the need to eat!  

We’re sharing this info for visitors to the historic city, and for residents who might not know what’s new here, or who might just want a creative nudge to go get lunch somewhere different.  Leave the car – these 10 spots are close walking distance from Court (hashtag “boost your heart AND your appetite”!), and grouped in order of proximity.   And FYI, these are weekday schedules only.  For weekends, check local listings.

(Google Maps disclaimer: “These directions are for planning purposes only.Read More