Pennsylvania DUI Pleas

Many individuals facing Pennsylvania DUI charges may receive a plea bargain from the district attorney handling your case. This is particularly the case, especially if the evidence in your case is not as strong as it could be. While in some cases, your case should proceed to trial, there are other situations in which entering into a plea agreement with the state is in your best interest. Whatever your circumstances may be, consulting with an experienced criminal defense lawyer at The Law Offices of Steven E. Kellis can be essential in determining the most effective course to take in your case.


In some cases, a person who is charged with driving under the influence may be given the opportunity to plead to a less serious criminal charge, or even a traffic infraction. Entering a plea agreement with the district attorney can be advantageous in some situations, as follows:

  • Less serious penalties, such as no jail time
  • Avoiding a conviction altogether, which can impact your sentence if you are arrested for another DUI in the next 10 years
  • Less expensive fines and court costs since the Commonwealth will not need to go to the expense of a trial
  • Potentially avoiding a criminal conviction, if you are allowed to plead to an infraction

If there are defects in the evidence against you, or your case does not involve any particularly egregious allegations, you may very well be able to avoid an impaired driving conviction by pleading to a less serious crime, or at least obtain a more favorable outcome in your case.


Some plea bargains may allow you to admit guilt to a criminal offense other than driving while intoxicated. One example is reckless driving. A conviction for this offense can result in consequences that are not nearly as serious as those stemming from a DUI conviction. Another possible offense that may be offered is a speeding offense, which, like reckless driving, can cause you only relatively minor repercussions when compared with a DUI conviction. Finally, if the case against you is very weak and you have no prior criminal history, you may be able to have your charges reduced to a traffic infraction, which would allow you to avoid any sort of criminal conviction altogether; the typical punishment for a traffic infraction is payment of a fine. Each of these alternatives may be a possibility for you, depending upon the individual facts and circumstances surrounding your case.

Providing You with Assertive Representation

When faced with the choice of a plea agreement or a trial on the charges against you, you may be unsure what to do. At The Law Offices of Steven E. Kellis, we will give you clear legal advice and guidance on the path that is likely to be most effective and advantageous to you. Our goal is to zealously represent you, proceed to trial, and fight for your rights until you decide to proceed otherwise. Whether you opt to go to trial or enter into an agreed resolution of the matter, we are here to give you the advice and support that you need in your case. Call us to schedule your free consultation with a skilled and knowledgeable attorney.