Northampton County Underage DUI lawyer

Underage DUIs are very lucrative for the state of Pennsylvania. There were over 50,000 DUI arrests made last year and many of them were underage DUIs. This is because Pennsylvania has a policy in place that makes it illegal for anybody under the age of 21 to drive with any alcohol in their bloodstream.

Any Pennsylvania driver under the age of 21 whose BAC tests .02 or above can be arrested and charged with an underage DUI. Underage DUI convictions carry severe consequences for the driver involved. These consequences can include:

  •         Loss of the driver’s license
  •         Time-consuming alcohol classes
  •         Fines, fees, and other financial penalties
  •         A criminal record
  •         Towing and impounding of the driver’s vehicle

While some of these consequences can happen immediately after an arrest, most of them are imposed after a conviction. So to avoid this consequences, you need to avoid being convicted of an underage DUI. Seeking the counsel of an experienced Northampton County underage DUI lawyer is the best way to avoid a conviction.

Don’t Wait to Start planning your Underage DUI defense
Building a legal defense can be a difficult process to go through without an experienced lawyer. This is especially true for DUIs where much of the prosecution’s evidence comes from machines that measure blood alcohol content (BAC). As a former prosecutor and experienced DUI lawyer, I’m very familiar with the devices that are used in DUI cases to measure BAC.

My experience means I understand the evidence against my clients and that I can often create effective strategies to counter that evidence. My knowledge of DUI-related devices, combined with my years of jury trial experience and my focus on DUI law have given me a track record of successfully defending people charged with all types of DUIs including underage DUIs.

Contact me today so that I can defend you against the underage DUI charges you’re facing. I offer free case evaluations and my phone lines are open 24 hours a day. If you prefer, I can also be reached by email or through the contact form on my website. Connect with me today so you can fight to protect your rights and your freedom.