Delaware County Underage DUI Lawyer

If you are somebody you love has been charged with underage DUI, it’s important to know the law, understand your rights and take the appropriate steps to defend against the charge. The Delaware county justice system can be very confusing and facing a DUI is often a challenging experience. That’s why it’s so important to get a Delaware County underage DUI lawyer who knows DUI law inside out and backwards.

Many lawyers help clients with a bunch of different types of cases. This means that their experience and knowledge are split between lots of different areas of law. I have focused my practice exclusively on DUI law for a very long time and I have over 25 years of jury trial experience. That means that I have had the opportunity to learn all the ins and outs of Delaware county underage DUI law.

With this experience I know:

  •         Exactly which motions to file to advocate for my clients.
  •         Which legal technicalities can help my individual clients the most.
  •         How to ensure that all the evidence against my clients was properly obtained.
  •         Techniques for cross-examining witnesses to ensure they are telling the whole story.
  •         How to successfully negotiate favorable plea deals for my clients.
  •         Which trial strategies are most effective in obtaining favorable outcomes for my clients.

These things, among many others, allow me to be a very effective advocate for any person who is facing a charge related to underage drinking in Delaware County.

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There’s no reason to face prosecutors by yourself or to settle for a public defender. I’m happy to help you create a strategy to defend your rights and fight the underage DUI charges that have been brought against you. Call me today for a free consultation to figure out how, together, we can fight back, defend your personal freedom and protect your right to drive.