Teach your children not to drink too soon

Credit: Graham HillsDrinking alcohol is sometimes considered a rite of passage from child to adult, and that can encourage underage children to drink. There is plenty of peer pressure to go along with the crowd, but it’s better to wait until you are of age. In the eyes of the law, you could be at a big drinking party and sober and still be brought in for testing.

Someone doesn’t even have to be actually drinking anything at all in order to be convicted of underage drinking. They just need to be present with others who are or have access to the alcohol on the premises before law enforcement can cite you with the crime. Such a conviction can keep a young person out of college and severely limit their chances in a very competitive job market.

At Kellis Law, we specialize in defending those who are accused of DUI drinking, but we also want to help keep alcohol out of the hands of minors. Steven E. Kellis is knowledgeable in ways that drinkers can avoid a conviction that can impinge on school and job opportunities later in life. Kellis Law knows how to go after the very things that can overturn an underage drinking conviction.

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