Steelers Running Backs Charged with DUI for Marijuana

Everyone deserves to have their side of the story told, especially when it comes to court cases or arrests. This includes arrests for driving under the influence. Ultimately, only the one who was driving really knows just how impaired he or she might be at any given time. Sometimes, not even the one being accused was aware of being above the legal limit. There are many, many things that can lead to a DUI arrest, but really only one thing that might mitigate, reduce, or even dismiss charges — a good DUI defense lawyer.

Police have filed marijuana charges against two Steelers running backs after a traffic stop just before the two were going to take a flight to play in a preseason game in Philadelphia. The two men were charged only hours before the event was to begin.

A motorcycle officer reported that he stopped next to a black Camaro at a red light. He could not see through the tinted windows, but according to his criminal complaint, he smelled marijuana through a partially-opened window on the driver’s side. At this point, he turned on his emergency lights and made the traffic stop.

The running backs were in the front seat and a 21-year-old woman was in the back. When the police officer told the driver he smelled marijuana, the driver denied having any, but according to the officer, the driver’s eyes were red and glassy and his pupils were dilated. The driver did confess to smoking marijuana within the past two hours, however.

Backup units arrived with a police dog, at which point the driver confessed he had 20 grams of marijuana in the glove box.

Police handcuffed the driver and took him to the hospital to have his blood drawn.

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