Police Officer is Charged with DUI After Partner is Shot in Wrist

fedjakePolice officers are expected to ensure that citizens uphold the law, it is ironic when a person in this position is the on the other side of the law. Having quick reflexes and being alert are two necessities of the job. When lawmen injure their own, it makes it a lot more difficult for citizens to have faith in the level of competency of these officers.

Detective Jay Poggi, 58, faces prison time, the loss of his job and his reputation after a mishap with his partner. It is reported that while on overnight duty with his partner in Queens, Poggi was showing the hammer of his revolver when the gun went off hitting his partner in the wrist. The 75th Brooklyn precinct officers went to the Jamaica hospital for medical care when it was observed that Poggi had bloodshot eyes. Further examination revealed that his blood alcohol level was at an alarming .11. The general accepted BAC for persons above the age of 21 years ranges from 0.2 to 0.8. Poggi is yet to be tried and is scheduled for a court appearance in June.

We all enjoy having fun time on our jobs, for some, it is in the form of alcoholic beverage consumption. There is no need for someone to pay for one mistake, where no lives were lost for his entire life, once the lesson has been learnt. Often times, people in the public’s eye who exhibit normal human like behavior are criticized by others who would have done no different if the roles were reversed.

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