Police: Drunken Father Allows 8-Year-Old Son to Drive

Bpotmultichill via Wikimedia Creative Commons LicensePeople make mistakes, and unfortunately, drinking can sometimes make this tendency worse. Alcohol often impairs judgment, so anyone can have a little and still feel safe to get behind the wheel, not even aware he or she is, in fact, driving while under the influence. Likewise, those who have had a bit more may do things they might never have considered when sober. People who make such mistakes, especially if it’s the first time, should not have to pay harsh penalties like the loss of driving privileges or jail time. It’s important for anyone facing DUI charges to obtain a skilled  DUI defense lawyer as soon as possible.

An intoxicated Indiana County father let his 8-year-old son drive his vehicle and was charged with child endangerment after the boy hit a tree into the vehicle. Both father and son were injured, said Pennsylvania State Police.

The father has been charged with a number of misdemeanors involving the endangerment of the welfare of a child, and reckless endangerment of others, in addition to charges of letting an unauthorized person operate his vehicle. He allegedly let his son sit between his legs and steer and operate the steering wheel, brake, and gas pedal, said state police.

The 46-year-old suspect sustained injuries to his face and sternum. The boy was also injured and his mother took him to an unspecified medical facility for treatment, according to the criminal complaint.

Officers spoke with the father, the complaint stated, and found him to be so intoxicated that he did not see anything wrong with letting an 8-year-old drive his Jeep.

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