Narberth City Official Charged with DUI

TGustavo Castillo via Wikimedia Creative Commons Licensehe presence of DUI charges, or even suspicions, can make any matter a lot more complicated. Just the accusation can result in job loss, family strife, and financially crippling fines. Too few people know that there are ways to defend against the harm done to them by DUI charges, with the help of a skilled and determined attorney who knows the laws of the state.

In the peaceful town of Narberth, an incidence of DUI has made the community a bit less peaceful.

A 65-year-old man, a borough manager, was charged with DUI after a police officer spotted the manager’s car driving somewhat erratically. Just weeks earlier, a veteran police officer of the Narberth police force, comprised of six members, had been reinstated after his firing for problems with alcohol, including exposing himself at a local bar.

Borough officials make no comment on either of those issues, claiming an unwillingness to speak about personal matters. The mayor of Narberth is leaving it up to the borough to decide what happens.

There are only 4,200 people in Narberth. The borough manager is in charge of 12 employees and has been manager for more than thirty years.

When the borough manager was pulled over by the police, he refused to take a sobriety test and was charged with DUI.

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