Montco Teen Sees Jail for DUI Death

A Montco teen will find himself spending time in jail for his role in the death of a jogger that he struck and killed while driving under the influence of alcohol.

Justin Jackson was sentenced to 3-10 years after having admitted that he had been driving under the influence of marijuana when he struck and killed Merinda Thompson, who was jogging along North Lewis Road in Limerick last year.

Prosecutors went for a maximum sentence for Jackson even though he apologized to Thompson’s family, and expressing that he was deeply sorry for the tragedy and was ashamed of his actions that led to her death.

Many people believe that the charge of DUI only pertains to drivers who consume alcohol before getting behind the wheel. Any substance, whether it is alcohol, prescription, over the counter or illegal drugs – anything that can impair a driver’s ability to safely drive can lead to the charge of DUI and even more serious related charges.

Even in the face of a seemingly hopeless situation, there can be any number of factors that can cast doubt on a DUI case. A good DUI defense attorney will file pretrial motions so that evidence against their client can be suppressed when those doubts are present. A motion to suppress is usually filed in order to see that the most damaging evidence is inadmissible. If there have been any mistakes that have been made regarding DUI evidence, a motion to suppress can make the difference in how a defendant is sentenced. . If successful, such motions can potentially cause charges to be either substantially reduced or in some cases, even dismissed.

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