Man Pleads Guilty to Vehicular Homicide

Vehicular Homicide CaseAn 11 month investigation has ended in Gloucester County, with the guilty plea of a man who killed his friend in a drunk driving accident. He plead guilty to driving while intoxicated and vehicular homicide, after flipping his SUV. His friend died of chest injuries. The driver had a blood alcohol level of .162 after the accident.  The DA is recommending that he serve a 5 year sentence, without parole until 85% of the sentence is served. As he is living here illegally, the driver may also be deported after serving his sentence. With the help of a translator, the driver said that he understood the charges.

People who don’t speak fluent English may find themselves having trouble understanding legal proceedings when they have been arrested. Fortunately, our courts have provided translators who can assist them with forms and procedures, as well as interfacing with their attorneys. In larger cities, forms and documents are also provided in a variety of languages to assist visitors from other countries. It is in the courts best interest to make sure that what is happening is clear to the suspect or defendant. An appeals court could decide to overturn rulings or throw out a case if the person couldn’t understand the proceedings.

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