Man Crashes in DUI, Clocked at Over 100 MPH

download (29)The holidays always see an increase in DUI arrests. Part of that is due to increased police presence, but part of it is also due to more people drinking during this time. At Kellis Law we defend people charged with DUI every day, but not every case can be successfully defended.

In the news recently was a report about a Pittsburgh couple visiting Florida. On Thanksgiving night, a man drove into their car at over 100 miles per hour and kept going. He didn’t have a license. Police stated that his BAC was twice over the legal limit. The couple was killed at the scene.

The news hit the family of the couple especially hard, since they had been affected hard by alcoholics in the past. Their message to the public is to never drink and drive, and it’s a message we agree with here at Kellis Law.

During this holiday season, we urge you to take steps to avoid drinking and driving. Use a designated driver, and give your keys to someone sober if you plan on drinking heavily. A DUI attorney can only defend so much in court.

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