Man Convicted of DUI Manslaughter

download (7)A man has been convicted of killing a local business man while driving under the influence and will spend the next four-and-a-half to nine years in prisonRobert Freund was found guilty in the December death of 60-year-old James Posey on Route 51 while intoxicated.

According to police, Freund was allegedly intoxicated and speeding when his car crossed a concrete median and crashed into Posey’s SUV just three days before Christmas in 2013. The crash also left four other people injured. Several members of Posey’s family were present, including his widow, his daughter, and cousins who survived including his daughter and her cousins who survived the crash. Victim’s statements were heard during the hearing.

Freund and his mother also gave statements expressing remorse. Freund saying he not only took a man’s life, but destroyed many others lives and that he was sorry. Freund was convicted on 14 counts, including homicide by vehicle, involuntary manslaughter and multiple DUI counts.

Deciding to drive under the influence is never a wise choice. Being charged for a DUI can cause great harm to anyone’s reputation at best, and at worst it can impact the lives of many. If convicted, the lives of you and your family can be forever changed in devastating ways. If you or a loved one is facing a DUI charge, having a good defense is important. Kellis Law can provide the kind of defense and help to ensure that your trial is fair and your side of the case is fairly represented.

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