Give them enough rope…

Credit: Bernt RostadAs a DUI lawyer, we have to deal with quite a number of “crazy” cases. There are many ways to question a DUI charge, but sometimes a person’s actions can hand evidence right to the police that’s difficult to beat.  Consider the following case.

The Easton police pulled over someone that they suspected was DUI. The 30-year-old woman was tested and brought into the station. How she was tested is uncertain, as the news story doesn’t go into details. Most likely it was by the officer’s opinion and a field sobriety test since there were no BAC numbers reported.

The suspect called her sister to come to the station, but when she arrived the officers found that she was also drunk. Both siblings were booked into the Northampton County DUI Processing Center.

Even with these humorous stories, a DUI charge is no joke. DUI penalties in Pennsylvania are fierce, and you don’t want to end up being on the wrong side of the law. That’s why it’s important to contact a DUI defense attorney like Steven Kellis. He’s had 25 years of jury trial experience and was a former DUI prosecutor. He knows both sides of DUI law inside and out, and is ready to help defend you from an unjust charge of DUI. Call his office today if you have been charged with a DUI offense.