How to Get Back on Your Feet After Your First DUI Conviction

Man drinking and driving

We are all human, and all humans make mistakes. These mistakes can include driving under the influence because you think you are okay to drive. However, this is usually not the case. Approximately two drinks is the limit, so a good rule of thumb is to stick to one or two drinks if you know you have to drive at all. Once you have that third drink, you are automatically at risk for blowing over the legal limit when taking a breathalyzer test in the event you get pulled over by the police.

If you do blow over and are arrested for drunk driving in Pennsylvania, you will likely be charged with a DUI and transported to jail. While this can be a black mark on your record, it does not have to dictate the rest of your life. Here are four ways of getting back on your feet after your first DUI conviction:

1. Take Care of Your Legal Fees

One of the most severe punishments for a DUI is the fine you will have to pay. Be sure to make a payment plan you can follow each month until your fees are completely paid off. It is always a good idea to pay them off as quickly as possible to avoid late payments and the penalties associated with that.

2. Identify a Designated Driver

Now that you have been convicted of a DUI, it would be an even bigger mistake to repeat the previous actions that got you into trouble in the first place. A second DUI is much more serious and has more severe consequences. Always find a sober friend or relative, someone you definitely trust, to drive you home if you feel you may blow over the legal limit.

3. Educate Others

You may be embarrassed by your conviction, but don’t be afraid to tell others about your experience. This will help keep other impaired drivers off the road and will also save your friends and relatives a large sum of money. Encourage those around you to understand the repercussions of a DUI conviction.

4. Avoid Sticky Situations

If you find yourself in an unlawful situation, get out of there immediately. There is no need to add another offense onto your record. If you know you are engaging in an illegal activity, don’t stick around and don’t persuade others to stay with you. If you truly want to get past your DUI conviction, it is best to stay out of trouble.

If you follow the above advice, you will certainly find yourself getting back on your feet without many issues. Being charged with a DUI may affect you right after it happens, but you don’t have to let it destroy your future. In fact, a charge may not have to result in a conviction at all. Contact Kellis Law Firm today if you have been charged with a DUI in Pennsylvania. Your first consultation is free.