Football Coach Accused of DUI

download (23)What happens when someone is arrested for drunk driving?  In most cases, it affects the person who has been drinking and the family surrounding the person who was drinking.  In some cases, however, it can affect a community.

A popular high school football coach was arrested for drinking and driving.  He apparently hit another vehicle and then sped off.  When the police caught up to him minutes later, they found an open bottle of Belgian Ale in the center console of his vehicle.

The coach makes no trouble about the fact that he made a mistake in running off.  “I messed up.  I hit him and should’ve stopped.  I messed up,” said the coach.  Was the alcohol at fault?  Was he drinking, forcing him to make the poor decision of being involved in a hit and run?

Parents are standing behind him, as he’s stepped down from the helm of the football team that he’s spent more than 20 years coaching.  “He’s been a good coach.  He’s good with the kids,” said one parent, “I think it’s a loss for the community.”

There are a number of extenuating factors which may be in play for the high school football coach.  There have been a number of questions, but it’s not clear whether the coach will be back to the school.

The effects of DUI can affect members of families, communities, entire generations of kids.  Before accepting a conviction of DUI, give us a call.  We can help.