DUI Dodger App Getting Notice

downloadA new social media app to help drivers avoid DUI checkpoints and keep DUI drivers off the road is starting to get media attention. The app is called DUI Dodger. It was invented by a SoCal teacher named Geno Rose after he got stuck at a checkpoint with his crying newborn in the back seat.

The app lets users upload the locations of DUI checkpoints anywhere in the country and tells them where they might run into one. The idea is to help sober drivers get to their destinations quickly, and keep drunk drivers off the road by showing them where the police are performing checkpoints. The app also has a Walk the Line test and a BAC calculator to help people who’ve been drinking decide if they are too drunk to drive.

The app does say that the results are for entertainment purposes only and also has messages warning users not to drink and drive. Nevertheless, some groups including MADD say that apps like DUI Dodger give drunk drivers a false sense of security. They also say that knowing where checkpoints are ahead of time will help DUI drivers avoid them.

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