Citizens Help Officers Train for DUI Detection

WikicommonsSeveral lucky Moon Township citizens participated in DUI detection training with the local police department. They volunteered to get drunk, have their blood alcohol measured and then submitted to field sobriety tests administered by officers. The point of the exercise was to train the officers to detect those who were committing DUI.  The officers based their findings on physical observations, such as the ability to follow directions, walk in a straight line or any involuntary eye movements. Usually, the training involves watching videos of intoxicated people, but the lead instructor said that working with live people is much more effective. There is quite a difference between reviewing footage and actually dealing with a live subject. After the training is completed, the volunteers are taken home and must agree to not drive until they are no longer drunk.

Field sobriety tests is just one of the tests that law enforcement can use in determining if a driving is under the influence. Some cities have mobile testing units that can take blood to determine blood alcohol levels, which they often use on streets near bars and clubs on Saturday nights and during special events. The Breathalyzer is another tool that law enforcement can use. Citizens who are pulled over for suspicion of drunk driving can refuse to take these tests, but they can still receive tickets or be jailed for a DUI.

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