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What You Need to Know About Doylestown DUI Checkpoint Arrests

Like most areas of the U.S., Doylestown Township has a robust DUI checkpoint program. The city reserves the right to put up a checkpoint any time they deem a need for it. Most commonly, checkpoints will be set up on days when there is typically a spike in intoxicated driving, such as on a holiday or a popular getaway weekend.

Usually, the city will notify locals through a press release on the Doylestown Township Police Department website. Every time local precincts erect a DUI checkpoint, they must have a predetermined plan for executing the checkpoint, not discriminating against certain drivers or vehicles, ensuring tests for intoxication are valid, and to generally honor the rights of citizens.

If you are arrested at or near a DUI checkpoint, know that you have legal rights to defense. You can appoint a DUI defense lawyer in Doylestown to represent you and help you reduce or beat the charges.… Read More

Can I Argue Against Breathalyzer Results?

Breathalyzer testMany people regard a breathalyzer as some sort of infallible device. This includes police, those accused of DUI in Pennsylvania, and the general public. They assume that these devices can do no wrong and can never be inaccurate. Even judges, prosecutors and juries will make this assumption—despite the fact that there is a history of rulings, motions and legal actions that have thrown out past breathalyzer results.

In 2016, the Inquirer reported on one such incident. Inaccurate readings from a breathalyzer machine used by the Philadelphia police affected up to 1,000 former Philly DUI cases.

Unfortunately, the breathalyzer’s reputation as a mystical, never-fail device causes some Pennsylvania DUI suspects to neglect their right to defend their case. Rather than pursuing potential actions that could rightfully exclude invalid breathalyzer evidence—or generally help reduce the charges they face—DUI suspects simply give up. They accept a plea bargain or fail to argue against the results of the test itself.… Read More

10 Things You Could Buy with the Money You'd Have to Spend on a DUI

10 Things You Could Buy with the Money You’d Have to Spend on a DUI


  • In 2016, there were 297 alcohol-related fatalities on Pennsylvania roads.
  • More than 9,000 people involved in crashes were found to be impaired.
  • 25% of traffic fatalities were alcohol-related.

When a person is convicted of driving under the influence in Pennsylvania, they face a series of penalties. Jail time, license suspensions, fines and court costs all make a DUI conviction something to be avoided.

The minimum fine for a first time DUI conviction is $300. To put that in perspective, we’ve put together a list of things you could spend that kind of money on that could bring joy to your life.

10 Things You Could Buy with the Money You'd Have to Spend on a DUI infographic

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1. Season Passes

If you live in Pennsylvania, you have access to parks like Kennywood and Hershey. Your neighbor, Ohio, has one of the most popular amusement parks in the midwest: Cedar Point.

For $300, you could buy two premium season passes to Kennywood, a season pass to Hershey Park and a couple tickets for your friends, or two season passes to Cedar Point.Read More

Can Uber Actually Reduce DUIs in Pennsylvania

Can Uber Actually Reduce DUIs in Pennsylvania?


  • 4,663 people were killed in drunk-driving related crashes in Pennsylvania between 2003 and 2012.
  • Men were more likely to be involved in fatal accidents in 2012.
  • 1.8 percent of drivers admitted to operating their vehicle after having drank too much.

Drunk driving remains a problem, despite campaigns to curtail the behavior. In the state of Pennsylvania, a driver is considered too impaired to drive once their blood alcohol content reaches 0.8 percent or higher.

For some people, this means a few drinks consumed within a couple of hours. For others, it means only one or two. There are too many variables when it comes to blood alcohol content to know how high you will register. The best idea is this: If you have a single adult beverage, don’t drive.

Many people claim that they have driven while impaired simply because they had no other way to get home. While this may have been true in the past, ride sharing services like Uber make catching a ride home and then back to your car in the morning as easy as tapping your phone.Read More

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The Effects of Alcohol On a Teenage Mind

The adolescent brain is not a mature one. There is a reason that teenagers behave the way that they do, and it is because their brains are still developing. In fact, the human brain continues to develop into the mid 20s. The changing brain affects all aspects of a teenager’s behavior, from emotional intelligence to good judgment.

Teenagers, due to their developing brains, cannot handle alcohol in the same way an adult can. Not only can teenagers not handle alcohol appropriately, but alcohol can have a very real impact on the brain itself. Here is how alcohol affects the different areas of the teenage brain.

Cerebral Cortex

The cerebral cortex takes information from a person’s senses and interprets it appropriately. Alcohol slows down this interpretation. This means that a teenager may see a person in the road, for instance, and fail to brake in time because the brain is not able to quickly take that vision and process it as a hazard.Read More

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Should I Argue for a Better Plea Bargain?

Whether you watch crime dramas on television or have experience within the criminal justice system, chances are that you know at least something about plea bargains. A plea bargain is widely accepted as a way of avoiding harsher penalties after being accused of a crime. Even innocent people accept plea bargains as a way to quicken the pace of the criminal trial process and, at time, stay out of prison.

If you have been charged with a DUI, you may not want to face the uncertainty of a trial. That said, a plea bargain isn’t in your best interest if you don’t have a strong attorney arguing on your behalf. While some plea bargains will benefit the accused, some can make things worse. Here’s a brief rundown on what you should know.

Should I Accept the Standard Deal?

In many court systems throughout the country, there are what are known as standardized plea deals.Read More

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What Causes False Positives for Breathalyzers?

Many people have heard of the strange things people try to do to defeat breathalyzer tests. From putting a penny in your mouth to chewing gum, very few things, if any, will show that you are sober when you aren’t. There are things, however, that can cause a false positive, and people need to be aware of them.

1. Mouthwash

Mouthwash has been said to throw off the reading of a breathalyzer test. Unfortunately, swigging mouthwash can skew the results in favor of the arresting officer. Mouthwash has a high alcohol content and can cause you to blow in such a way that you appear intoxicated, or more intoxicated than you are.

2. Vaping

Thousands of people have turned to vaping as an alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes. If you are hooked on an electronic cigarette, you may want to keep it tucked in your pocket if you have been out drinking.Read More

Tips for Safe Drinking This Summer

This summer is one of the hottest on record. With the scorching heat, reaching for a pina colada or your favorite beer is a great way to feel cool. However, drinking a lot of alcohol while you’re out enjoying the sun is a quick way to have things go bad, and fast.

That’s not to say you can’t enjoy some cool, refreshing adult beverages this summer. It’s just a matter of being smart about when, where and how much you drink. Follow these tips to make sure your summer isn’t hindered by a trip to the emergency room — or worse.

Beer, Water, Beer, Water

When you are outside, even in your backyard, you will sweat. And with the sweltering heat around theshutterstock_241325890
country, you will likely sweat a lot. It’s vital you keep yourself hydrated. While alcoholic drinks may seem like a tasty, fun way to do so, you have to be careful about it.
Read More

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What Makes for a Good Attorney?


After you’ve been arrested for a DUI in Philadelphia, you’re at the mercy of the courts. They will review the evidence presented by the arresting police officer, as well as other factors of your case, and determine your fate. Depending on the circumstances, that could mean thousands of dollars in fines and months — or years — behind bars.

But the judge doesn’t have to make this determination without a counterargument. An attorney can look at your case as well, poking holes in the evidence and working to get your punishment reduced or, ideally, dropped altogether. It seems like lawyers are a dime a dozen these days. So how do you know you are getting the best quality representation from a top-notch attorney? Here are a few factors to consider.

  1. Experience

Perhaps more important than anything else, you need a DUI attorney has been representing clients for a long time.Read More

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Are You Destroying Your Own DUI Defense?

Being arrested for a DUI in Philadelphia comes with a whole host of serious consequences. You may have to serve time in jail, plus you’ll have fines to pay. If you have additional charges, like speeding or reckless driving, tacked onto the DUI, will only exacerbate those consequences. Plus, many jobs, leasing offices and loan officers will conduct a background check if you apply — and a DUI is a big red flag.

Luckily, a skilled DUI attorney can often get those charges reduced or, in some cases, dropped altogether. They know what the courts are looking for, and what evidence is often seen as flimsy at best. However, with all that attorneys know, what is often out of their control is the action of their clients. With a simple word or actions, you could sabotage your entire case. Here’s how to avoid doing so:

Don’t Blab About the Case

It’s 2016; if you aren’t putting your entire life on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, you’re doing it wrong.Read More