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Teen Crashes into Construction Site

Construction SiteBeing charged with drinking and driving is a frightening experience, no matter what the circumstances. The first thing to do in an event like is to seek legal protection in the form of a good attorney. DUI law can be complicated and it is important to find someone who can properly interpret it and apply it so the defendant’s rights are observed and preserved.

A 19-year-old man faces criminal charges after crashing into a construction site in Chicago, killing one man and injuring two others in the vehicle he was driving. Police believe he was driving under the influence at the time.

The driver was charged with felony reckless homicide in a construction zone, aggravated DUI resulting in accidental death, misdemeanor having no car insurance, failure to carry or display a driver’s license, improper lane usage, and failure to reduce speed.

The accident occurred around 4 in the morning.

According to prosecutors, the driver’s blood alcohol content was around 0.191, which is over twice the legal limit in Illinois.… Read More

Man Crashes into 5 Parked Cars

Car Falling Off a CliffDriving under the influence is never a good idea, but the fact of the matter is that many people accused of DUI got into the car and had no idea they were over the legal limit. Others simply did the wrong thing, as many people do. But should that indiscretion be something that defines them for the rest of their lives?

A man was taken to the hospital by helicopter after he drove into five other vehicles then flipped his car according to police.

It is believed that the man was driving under the influence at around 3:30 in the morning in North Franklin, Washington County, when the accident occurred.

The 59-year-old driver was pinned in his car after it was all over. He was flown to a hospital in Pittsburgh after crashing into a number of parked cars, according to police.

A police sergeant stated the driver was trapped so firmly that firefighters had to cut him out.… Read More

DUI Murder Victim’s Family Sues Bars, Suspect

download (49)In the eyes of the law, and often in the eyes of society, the introduction of alcohol into any tragic event makes it all the worse. Even something as mild as a fender bender can become a reputation destroying event if one of the parties is even suspected of having had a few drinks before the accident occurred. This is one of many reasons that finding a good defense attorney as quickly as possible is so important. It not only can protect you from too harsh a penalty, but it may help salvage a reputation, as well.

A Westmoreland County man about to go on trial for strangling his wife, a school teacher, is now going to face a lawsuit as well. The family of his deceased wife is suing him as well as the bars that supposedly served him alcohol.

According to the family, it is an example of negligence to serve someone alcohol when they are already clearly drunk.… Read More

DUI Liability Very Low for Valet Parking Services

Lehigh Valley, PAThe responsibility of a valet is to provide a safe haven for customers’ vehicles while they are out, whether it be a hotel, bar or casino facilities. It is legally acceptable that they provide the keys to the owners’ vehicle once requested.  But are we to be held fully accountable for our actions while forcefully intoxicated, should the bartenders’ responsibility to cut off the obviously intoxicated? It has been a point of question whether owners should be returned their car keys after having a “jolly time”.

The Pennsylvania’s Dram Shop Law holds bar owners and bartenders who serve noticeably drunk patrons responsible for any damages incurred in their state. This law however is not extended to valets as they do not possess a liquor license confirmed Michael Rosenweig, partner at Edgar Snyder and Associates and teacher of tort law at the University of Pittsburgh. President of the South Side Chamber of Commerce, Kim Collins stated that the valet service was devised to offer complete transportation plan to keep car owners from parking on residential streets and that valet companies have agreed to provide shuttle service to persons unfit to drive.… Read More

Woman Arrested for DUI with Her Baby in Backseat

jakelieferStacy Jo Watters, 40 of Imperial, was arrested Wednesday after she was reportedly involved in a road rage incident. A woman called 911 and reported that a woman in a white, Toyota SUV was chasing her and had repeatedly run the SUV into her vehicle.

When police responded they quickly found Watters, who matched the description given by the caller, and pulled her over. While questioning her police smelled a strong aroma of alcohol on her breath and administered several sobriety tests. They also discovered a two year old girl in a child safety seat in the back of the SUV. Watters was arrested on several charges including driving under the influence, reckless driving and endangering the welfare of a child. After Watters arrest she was later released into the custody of a family member and the child’s father took the two-year-old girl into his care.

Facing a drunken driving charge and the related consequences, especially if there is a fatality involved is a very serious matter. … Read More

Man Convicted of 8 Prior DUI’s Pleads Guilty in Deadly Motorcycle Crash

Uriah WelcomeNo matter who you are or what you’ve done, one fact remains always true: You have the right to a fair trial. This is a near impossibility in a DUI case, unless the very best legal representation is acquired. There is a special stigma when it comes to drunken driving and it takes knowledge of the law and the willingness to aggressively pursue the rights of the defendant to cut through that stigma and make sure the scales of justice are properly balanced.

A man in Chester County has pleaded guilty in the death of a motorcyclist. He had been previously arrested eight times on DUI offenses.

The final charge was homicide by vehicle for driving under the influence when he hit and killed the motorcyclist in Westtown Township.

The family of the victim was promoting new legislation to increase the penalty for repeat DUI offenders when they end up killing someone while driving under the influence.… Read More

Man Arrested After a DUI Crash Spree

Salim VirjiThere isn’t a person alive who doesn’t suffer the occasional lapse in judgment, especially when alcohol is involved. Getting behind the wheel of a car after drinking is a mistake, but that doesn’t mean the one accused of DUI gives up all of his or her rights. A good attorney and a strong defense should always be the first priority in order to make sure any further legal proceedings are fair and just.

A driver who had had a bit too much to drink drove through the South Side of Pittsburgh crashing into things and the entire incident was captured on camera.

Pittsburgh police say the 23-year-old driver was driving around 2:30 in the morning when he ran into two trees, a fence, a telephone pole, two parking signs, seven cars, and a fire hydrant.

He also ran over the foot of a 26-year-old man. The victim was treated at UPMC Mercy Hospital and will make a full recovery.… Read More

Pittsburgh Police Officer to Appear in Court for DUI Charge

Nglimoreco one is above the law, especially when it comes to DUI. Driving while drunk is one of those accusations that can ruin reputations and end careers if they are not handled with the utmost care. As much as any other charges, DUI requires a skilled legal hand to make sure the accused is protected and that a mistake, whether made by police or by the one being charged, does not repercussions that could last decades.

A Pittsburgh police officer, 30, faces DUI charges including two counts of driving under the influence and one count of careless driving.

Police reports say officers were called to South Main Street in the West End just after 3 a.m. on February 3rd to look into a two-car collision. The driver of the struck car complained of a headache and was later found to have a concussion, according to police.

Reports also say the officer who allegedly caused the crash smelled strongly of alcohol and had ‘”bloodshot glassy eyes”.… Read More

Officer Waives Preliminary Hearing

download (1)Everyone is entitled to a fair hearing by either a jury of their peers or by a judge when they are accused of a crime. Some organizations, such as police departments and other civil entities have measures of their own in place for specific types of situations.

A Pittsburgh police officer, Vernon Gibson, 38, was charged with driving drunk on his way to work last year, The officer has waived his right to a preliminary hearing regarding his case.

Gibson was charged with two counts of DUI but was released on his own recognizance. According to a fellow officer, Gibson drove into the parking lot at the Pittsburgh Municipal Courts Building. Upon getting into the car, Gibson’s fellow officer noticed his glassy, bloodshot eyes and he smelled of alcohol.

In a mandatory test, Officer Gibson registered a 0.128 on two blood-alcohol tests, which is well above the 0.08 limit. It is unclear what Officer Gibson’s current status with the police department.… Read More

Drunk Driver Sentenced to 10-20 Years in Prison for DUI Fatality

driver-blurred-vision-speedometerBlog readers may remember a previous report by The Law Offices of Steven E. Kellis about the guilty plea of 48-year-old John Leck to charges of third-degree murder, homicide by motor vehicle while driving intoxicated, and driving under the influence. Leck faced these criminal charges as a result of the July 2012 drunk driving accident that claimed the life of Philadelphia police officer Brian Lorenzo.

Leck left a TGI Friday’s restaurant on the night of July 8, 2012, after drinking for several hours and got into his Audi sedan. He then proceeded to drive south on I-95 in a northbound left lane, when he crashed head-on into Lorenzo, who was riding his motorcycle home after completing a late shift. Following the accident, Leck’s blood alcohol content measured at almost three times the legal limit.

According to the The Philadelphia Inquirer, Leck appeared before the Philadelphia Common Pleas Court on Dec.… Read More