Arrests Made In Grandparent’s Scam

Tiia Monfo via Wikimediea Creative Commons LicenseDUI charges can have a powerful effect; not just on the one accused, but on loved one, as well. Even for those who are accused wrongfully, there are financial costs and social costs, which can be severe if the defendant does not have good legal advice to help him or her through such an awful circumstance.

Four scammers have attempted to take advantage of the effect of DUI charges by enacting what has come to be known as the Grandparent Scam, in which they stole thousands of dollars from the elderly.

These four may have stolen at least $162,000 and are accused of attempting to steal $37,325 more from various sources. From just one woman in Texas, these people allegedly took more than $64,000 through fraud.

The four, arrested in Philadelphia, are not the only ones engaging in the Grandparent scam. According to the Federal Trade Commission, as much as $42 million may have been stolen through this method.

This specific investigation grew out of a complaint from a 77-year-old man in California. He was called someone who claimed to be an attorney for his grandson. The fake attorney said the man’s grandson had been arrested for a DUI in Philadelphia and the money was necessary for bail and attorney’s fees. The California man sent in $6,600. But when the scammers called again and requested $10,000, the victim realized he was talking to thieves and that his grandson had never been arrested.

The police initiated an undercover sting when led to the four being arrested.

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