5th DUI for Delaware Man

Police have arrested a Delaware man on what would potentially be his fifth DUI offense. Authorities with the Harrington Police Departments say that Randall W. Bowden, 47, was placed under arrest on Sunday morning and charged with driving under the influence of alcohol,  driving on a suspended or revoked license, as well as other related charges.

They received a 911 call at about 1:00 a.m. about a possible intoxicated driver on South DuPont Highway on the outskirts of Harrington. Officers responded to the call and located the vehicle being driven by Bowden that had left the left lane of the highway and was driving on the shoulder of the highway. In the report the officers said there was a strong scent of alcohol coming from Bowden’s vehicle. Officers then administered a variety of field sobriety tests which Bowden failed. He was arrested and taken into custody.

Officers checked Bowden’s license by computer and found that he had a suspended driver’s license and four prior convictions from 2001 to the present. Bowden was arraigned and sent to the Sussex Correctional Institute with cash bail set at on $6,500.

When someone drinks and then gets behind the wheel, it is definitely a criminal offense. A conviction of a DUI offense can have serious consequences in terms of not only insurance costs, heavy fines and jail time. A DUI conviction can also cost your job and can close other opportunities to you for future employment. Repeated offenses can make the situation just that much worse.

When facing such a situation, it’s important to choose an attorney to defend you who knows the law inside and out and who can help you face the charges against you.

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