Berks County Underage DUI Lawyer

Underage drinking happens. That’s just reality. This is also true of underage drinking and driving. We all know that many teenagers drink, but that hasn’t kept us from creating harsh laws regarding underage drinking. Pennsylvania law has a “zero tolerance” policy when it comes to underage drinking. This means that if any alcohol is detected in the blood or breath of an underage driver, they can be charged with underage DUI.

While drivers 21 and over get a bit of leeway when it comes to their BAC, drivers under the age of 21 are in danger of getting a DUI even after just one small drink. This means that every year, thousands of Pennsylvanians are charged with underage DUIs. The consequences of getting a DUI at such a young age can be severe because often, the consequences go beyond traditional legal consequences.

Being convicted of an underage DUI may:

  •         Interfere with some college applications.
  •         Be very expensive and time consuming.
  •         Create conflict at home with parents and other family members.
  •         Put a burden on drivers responsible for transporting younger members of the family.
  •         Create high levels of anxiety at a time in life when most people are already anxious enough.
  •         Make commuting to school more difficult.
  •         Generate problems at work.

These problems, among many others are why, if you’ve been charged with underage DUI, it’s crucial that you contact an experienced Berks County Underage DUI Lawyer.

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